Family Law

The civil law notary has an important role in family law transactions. Aruba has a far reaching community property regime and as such you should always consult with us before tying the knot.

We can assist you with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to avoid financial surprises with your future spouse as well as avoiding ownership rights inadvertently becoming part of the marital community.

We also draft wills that allow you to dispose of your estate in conformity with your wishes. Wills are an essential tool for estate planning and provide you with peace of mind about taking care of your loved ones. 

If you would like someone to make (medical) decisions for you if you are incapacitated, we can also assist you with a living will (levenstestament).

We also do estate work, which includes the winding-up of estates and issuing attestations of inheritance.

Settlement agreements and deeds to divide marital assets when divorcing are also services we provide.

Finally, we provide various other services such as affidavits, attestations de vita and cohabitation agreements.