Real Estate

As a civil law notary firm, we are your primary service provider when it comes to real estate transactions. All title transfers and mortgages in Aruba must be executed through a civil law notary. As such, we have an extensive expertise in these areas and provide all related services when dealing with a real estate transaction.

Besides executing transfers of title and mortgages we assist with purchase agreements, long lease issuances, lease-purchase deeds (huurkoop), title opinions, title searches, easements (erfdienstbaarheid), rights of superficies (opstalrecht) and establishing other real rights on properties.

We also organize real estate auctions on a regular basis and can assist you with any questions you may have if you are considering purchasing a real property on auction. Please see our auction page for more details.

Condominium Projects

We provide services for dividing buildings in condominiums through a deed of division and related services regarding drafting of sale & purchase agreements and contracting agreements. We also draft and execute condominium regulations and incorporate a homeowner's associations. Last but not least we execute mortgage loan deeds for the financing of such projects. Through our extensive experience we can assist in all areas of real estate development.